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.:: Quick Start guide to Employee Assistance Programs ::.

What is EAP?

The term EAP stands for "Employee Assistance Program"
Employee Assistance Programs are becoming increasingly popular because they have proven to be a strong asset to corporations by improving employee productivity therefore heavily reducing financial loss. EAP has evolved over the years into a program that can effectively assist in the treatment of substance abuse, family and marital difficulties, financial stress, workplace conflicts and many other mental health related issues. Any mental health issue that can affect job performance can most likely be addressed and treated by your EAP.

How does the EAP treat my troubled employees?

Well, the process is actually quite simple and effective. When an employee is experiencing a problem that effects job performance they have the option to call the company's EAP. The EAP will then analyze the situation over the phone and in some cases setup a counseling session with an EAP therapist in the local area. The first few sessions are free for the employee/employer. Some corporations even refer to this as mental health coverage for their employees, but any way you look at it, EAP's have proven to be a valuable asset to companies of all sizes, year after year.

What can I expect to pay for this service?

Well, there are several factors that will determine your pricing. If you are a small company with less than 50 employees, you can expect to pay a flat monthly sum for this service or a fee each time the EAP is used. If you represent a larger organization than in most cases your pricing will be dictated by the number of sessions you would like a troubled employee to receive from the Employee Assistance Program therapist. These usually range from 3 to 8 session models. In most cases the EAP will charge you per employee you would like covered. Though pricing is important there are several other factors to consider while selecting your company's EAP and it's a great idea to shop around.

What should I look for when selecting an EAP?

Provider Network: How extensive is their provider network? A provider is a licensed EAP therapist. You want to make sure that they have the areas where your business is located covered with providers.
Costs: Compare a minimum of 4 EAP's.
Availability: How accessible will they be for my employees?
Training: Will they provide material that will inform my employees about the new EAP? How active will they be in doing this?


.:: Quick Start guide to EAPQUOTES ::.

What is the purpose of EAP Quotes.com?

We are hear to help streamline your EAP selection process. Our system is built to save you time and connect you with the right EAP provider for your company. You can use EAPquotes.com to get quotes from multiple eap companies.

Are there any fees involved?

No, submitting a quote request to multiple employee assistance programs is 100% free.

Are you a benefit consultant?

No, however many benefit consultants use our service when searching for an EAP.

What is a quote request?

You can use EAPQuotes.com to submit an EAP quote request on behalf of the company you represent. This is by far the fastest most secure method of obtaining quotes and service options from different Employee Assistance Programs.

How do I know who will receive my quote request?

On the third and final form you are given complete control over which EAPs will receive your quote request.

What type of information will I be asked to provide?

You will be asked to provide basic contact details as well as your job title and information detailing the type of program you are interested in.

How long will this take?

From start to finish a quote request usually takes between
2 - 4 minutes.

Will I be placed on a mailing list?

Absolutely not, The EAPs who receive your quote request cannot place you on their mailing list unless they receive your express written consent.

You will be sent an email a few weeks later from our Director. He will be anxious to hear about your experience and attentive to your feedback.

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